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How to Study for a Test by Making a Website

With my wild schedule of driving 1.5 hours one-way for a class four days a week, I haven't had as much time to write code outside of work. I also see tons of people on Twitter talking about React or Gatbsy, which makes me want to dig into them even more.

So, I'm making an informational website on Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics II to study and practice my Gatsby skills. 😉 The course material is separated very nicely already: 7 advanced topics and 6 core topics. So far, there's one page for each which are linked from the home page with a little summary description.

Preview of the home page. It shows short descriptions under each topic's page link.

On each page, I plan on showing a list at the top of the important terms and definitions the relevant textbook section and I'm also inserting the examples most helpful to me.

Preview of a topic's page. It has a terms section with links to each term page and an Examples section with through math examples.

Finally, I'm also creating a glossary page where all of the important terms and definitions will be formally described and linked to from any of the other site pages.

Preview of the terms page. It shows bold headings for each term and a short definition below it.

I feel extremely nerdy for doing this and it's actually incredibly fun. I'm trying to pick up on little things along the way too, such as practicing semantic HTML. I found this really cool post while looking up the differences between <section> and <article> elements called 7 Alternatives to the div Tag in HTML.

I hope this post inspires you to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals. Figure out what tactics work for you, and just get it done.

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