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I Tried the Top 5 Coding Challenge Websites

Thank you to everyone who replied to my tweet about coding challenges! It's an excellent list of sites people like to use.

I did a quick look over all of these sites and am providing my immediate impressions from them. It's very possible they might be missing something. :) If a correction needs to be made, or if there's another really awesome thing about any of these sites that I missed, just drop a comment and I can update this post.

1. codewars

  • 20+ languages available
  • Others' solutions are available for review
  • You can practice writing your own tests

2. HackerRank

  • 20+ languages available
  • Many skills categories and challenges to explore
  • Job board seems like an added benefit :)

3. exercism

  • 50+ languages available
  • "Mentored mode"the linked page has a ton of information about the structure of this
  • There's a lot of steps for each challenge, with downloading the code and then having to resubmit it. I have a preference for interactive challenge sites.

4. CodinGame

  • Several languages available (I didn't count, they were in a select)
  • Multiple types of challenges of varying skill levels
  • A bit overwhelming to me, there's a lot happening on each screen

5. ProjectEuler

  • Not an interactive coding website, BUT
  • A lot of great challenges for writing software solutions to
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