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TIL #3: Fleegle heel, Right-Lifted Increase, Left-Lifted Increase, and Slip Slip Purl

The Fleegle heel

  • Why I learned this: The vanilla toe-up sock pattern I generated using includes instructions for a short-row heel. After a few attempts and not succeeding at this kind of heel, I remembered having done the Fleegle heel before and really liking it's magical simplicity for me. I decided to give this heel another try instead.
  • How I used this: I'm using this heel style for a pair of socks for my husband.
  • Resource I referenced: Fleegle's Blog: Fleegle's Toe-Up No-Flap, No-Hassle Sock Pattern

Preventing holes in the Fleegle heel

  • Why I learned this: The resource I linked in the previous section also had an insightful approach to preventing holes in the ankle area of the sock heel. We love a sock without holes!
  • How I used this: I used this in the same pair of socks.
  • Resource I referenced: Fleegle's Blog: No Sock Holes For You

Right-lifted increase and left-lifted increase

Slip, slip, purl decrease

  • Why I learned this: This is decrease that leans (good for shaping and direction of texture) and is created from the wrong-side of the sock. It was used in the heel-turn decreases.
  • How I used this: Same pair of socks!
  • Resource I referenced: Knitting Help - Slip, Slip, Purl (SSP) - VeryPink Knits
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