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Working in Circle City, Day 4 -- Community

The AM

The CEO took some time to talk about the company's vision this morning, but not before we had a tornado drill! 😉 It was an interesting event. Thankfully, we’re only on the fourth floor and didn’t have too far to walk to make it to the basement (which happens to be a cigar bar, by the way 😂).

The building we’re in is pretty old (finished in 1923), so when I had to walk on the steepest and narrowest steps of my life, I couldn’t help but wonder if people hadn’t micro feet back when the building was built. A fun fact I learned about the building today: when it was built, there was a 150-foot height limit on buildings so they wouldn’t shadow the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument. I’ve lived here my whole life and never knew that!

The PM

I tried another new restaurant for lunch: Pearl Street Pizzeria and Pub. A major perk of working downtown is having teammates that know of DELICIOUS places to eat. A less than perky thing about working downtown is that there are too many tempting restaurants and my wallet is very stubborn. I should probably start bringing my lunch now that I’m settling in. 😁

At the end of (my) work day, my hiring class was taken to Pearings Cafe and Frozen Yogurt to celebrate having nearly finished our first week on the job! Let’s just take some time to note that their Buckeye flavored frozen yogurt is amazing. 😍 The place also has great coffee and tea, so I’ll be heading back ASAP for all the yummy treats.

The post-PM

I went to Powderkeg’s Pitch Night as a volunteer for Women Who Code Indianapolis, a group I’m working to get more deeply involved with in the next several weeks. I found out while at frozen yogurt that someone from my company was no longer able to attend the event, and that we needed someone to walk up after the company name was announced for being one of fifty finalists for the 2019 Indiana Breakout Tech Cultures Awards!

So on my fourth day I was able to have my picture taken with folx from 49 other awesome companies. The networking at this event was great as well. It quickly became clear to me what this event was about and why a lot of the exhibitors were in attendance. Everyone was there to be a part of building a supportive community. That’s a movement I can 100% support, and I’m jumping in head first.

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