Ashlee standing in front of a brick wall looking up to her left and smiling. Her right hand is held up near her right shoulder with the palm facing upwards.

Ashlee M Boyer

You can find me talking about issues surrounding Disability, Accessibililty, & Mental Health on Twitter, or you can find me regularly live-knitting or live-coding on Twitch.

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Three Starting Points for Making Accessible Digital Content

Accessibility can be pretty overwhelming at first. There are a lot of things to consider and it's really hard to figure out what you don't know when you're just starting out. I hope you find this…

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2019 Blog in Review

Table of Contents Personal Blog Stats DEV Stats 2020 Plans In April of 2019, I knew I needed to change my life. I was extremely unhappy in a toxic workplace, had no involvement in my community, and…

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It's OK to Change Your Mind

Last week, I was feeling fired up and ready to go. I wrote a whole post about some exciting things and plans. But here's the thing: I've thought some more about my plans for writing, and I'm changing…

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After 30 Days of Writing on

This past month of publishing one post per day far exceeded my expectations. I was inspired to do this challenge by the co-hosts of the Office Hours Podcast, T.K. Coleman and Isaac Morehouse. They…

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Just do The Thing

I don't know where Joshua Fields Millburn was inspired by his advice, but Steven Pressfield, Nike, and he all have roughly the same thing to say: "Just do it." Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce dancing with the…

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