Ashlee standing in front of a brick wall looking up to her left and smiling. Her right hand is held up near her right shoulder with the palm facing upwards.

Ashlee M Boyer

You can find me talking about issues surrounding Disability, Accessibililty, & Mental Health on Twitter, or you can find me regularly live-knitting or live-coding on Twitch. You can also contact me if you're in need of a freelance web developer.

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10 Questions I'm Asking All Companies Before Scheduling Any Interviews

Interviewing requires a lot of time and energy. Maybe you need to study some technical topics ahead of time. You probably already have commitments that require a lot of your focus—like another job or…

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Don't be Afraid to Ask Questions

There's no such thing as a stupid question. There may be stupid timing for it, such as a student asking when an exam is 5 minutes after the teacher already announced that information. But that was…

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