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Ashlee M Boyer

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Throw All of your Email Subscriptions in the Garbage

Thursday, May 16, 20191 minute read


I do. not. care. about inbox zero. :) Too often, it becomes less about efficiently managing your inbox and more about rushing to have no emails for any reason. I prefer to make sure I'm adequately handling messages instead of emptying my box. But still, my number one tip for a clean inbox?

Get rid of all of your subscriptions.

Yes. I mean all of them. Start over. You know for a fact you have too many. Just take an hour and do it. It's a huge step, but what you'll gain is learning which subscriptions you actually love and want to hold on to. If it's worth the work to go find it again, it's worth the space it takes up in your inbox.

For fun, here are a few things I love that I currently subscribe to:

  1. The Minimalists - Life and minimalism
  2. Praxis Newsletter - Professional advice
  3. My local knit shop - One of my favorite places to go for fun

This post is short, but seriously, it's that simple. Unsubscribe from everything. Throw it all in the garbage. Once you've figured out what you're re-subscribing to, share them with us in the comments or send me a tweet. :)