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I Tried the Top 5 Coding Challenge Websites

Wednesday, June 5, 20191 minute read


Thank you to everyone who replied to my tweet about coding challenges! It's an excellent list of sites people like to use.

I did a quick look over all of these sites and am providing my immediate impressions from them. It's very possible they might be missing something. :) If a correction needs to be made, or if there's another really awesome thing about any of these sites that I missed, just drop a comment and I can update this post.

1. codewars

  • 20+ languages available
  • Others' solutions are available for review
  • You can practice writing your own tests

2. HackerRank

  • 20+ languages available
  • Many skills categories and challenges to explore
  • Job board seems like an added benefit :)

3. exercism

  • 50+ languages available
  • "Mentored mode"—the linked page has a ton of information about the structure of this
  • There's a lot of steps for each challenge, with downloading the code and then having to resubmit it. I have a preference for interactive challenge sites.

4. CodinGame

  • Several languages available (I didn't count, they were in a select)
  • Multiple types of challenges of varying skill levels
  • A bit overwhelming to me, there's a lot happening on each screen

5. ProjectEuler

  • Not an interactive coding website, BUT
  • A lot of great challenges for writing software solutions to