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Ashlee M Boyer

You can find me talking about issues surrounding Disability, Accessibility, & Mental Health on Twitter, or you can find me regularly live-knitting or live-coding on Twitch. I'm @AshleeMBoyer on all the platforms I use.

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10 Questions I'm Asking All Companies Before Scheduling Any Interviews

Interviewing requires a lot of time and energy. Maybe you need to study some technical topics ahead of time. You probably already have commitments that require a lot of your focus—like another job or children. That's why it's ...

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GPA Isn't Everything

I'm finishing up my degree at one of the top undergraduate engineering schools in the country. Applicants are typically at the very top of their high school class and have great SAT and ACT scores. I did pretty well during the last few years ...

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How to Accept Rejection in Your Professional Life

Rejection sucks, and for some reason, rejection from acquaintances and strangers especially sucks. Maybe you submitted a proposal to give a talk at an event and weren't selected for it. Maybe you applied for a job and they didn't give ...

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What it Means to Learn Out Loud

I first heard the phrase "learn out loud" from the Office Hours podcast. In this article, podcast co-host T.K. Coleman gives us three reasons to do so. I'd like to focus on the first reason he gives and show you how to apply it to the ...

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How to Identify Your Knowledge Gaps in Under an Hour

The vast knowledge of the tech world can be so overwhelming. People throw out buzzwords all the time on Twitter: Kubernetes, Rails, React, Angular, Elixir, etc. What are all of these things and how does everyone else know about them? If you're ...

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