Ashlee standing in front of a brick wall looking up to her left and smiling. Her right hand is held up near her right shoulder with the palm facing upwards.

Ashlee M Boyer

You can find me talking about issues surrounding Disability, Accessibility, & Mental Health on Twitter, or you can find me regularly live-knitting or live-coding on Twitch. I'm @AshleeMBoyer on all the platforms I use.

Working in Circle City, Day 1—Many Firsts

Part of the Working in Circle City Series

Monday, June 17, 20191 minute read


My new job is downtown Indianapolis. Today was my first day for a whole list of things!

    I’m sure there’ll be lots of firsts in the coming months. I finally feel like I’m in an environment and community where I can grow. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. They care about your wellbeing. You’re encouraged to learn and educate yourself all the time.

    Supporting your team matters. It makes an entire world of difference.